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A life-threatening parasite has infected the planet causing its energy to become polluted with darkness. Can our heroes vanquish this darkness and cure the planet before its too late? A classic well made RPG adventure awaits you in The Cruxis Sword!

Genre: Traditional RPG

Status: Released

Platform: Windows PC


An evil essence named Zanakan is hell-bent on awakening his master, an ancient king named Demilos, whom which possess unreal powers of darkness, to take over the world. Upon discovering this from a dying prince, our heroes must go on a journey to prevent the awakening of Demilos. But what unfolds next is just the start of their world wide adventure to cleanse the planet of darkness once and for all.


-Deep fantasy/sci-fi based story that offers a twist on the classic epic save the world  scenario, presented in exciting fashion that will keep you on edge until its conclusion. 

-A well designed gameworld containing over 600 highly detailed boards that is both exciting and adventurous to traverse.

-Over 21 varied locations ranging from forests to ancient temples, and all the way to decommissioned research facilities, above ground and under water.

-Traditional but original turn based combat featuring both magic and item based attacks where planning and strategy are the key.

-Deep crafting system which supports the item-based battle economy of the game, which features over a hundred item based attacks.

-A ton of variety through-out the game. Enemies are not repeated and are unique to their respective location, bosses have their own signature moves, excellent pacing that feels on point with the length of the game (~16-20 hours), beautiful soundtrack, and much more.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Cruxis Sword Complete.exe 557 MB

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Can I ask you something?

Sure, what is it?

Would be up for converting this over to RPG Maker MV? Now I can do it for you if that's fine.

Sure, I could convert it I guess. I just need to find some time to do it, lol.  If you wanted to do it for me, that'll be great. What would you need from me to convert it over to RPG Maker MV?

I can do it for you no problem ^^

All I would need is the project and all it's files. But the project must not be encrypted. If it is, I can't access it. You can send them to me by email if you would want that?

Ok, that's fine with me. I'll package the files up unencrypted for ya when I get back home next week. BTW, is there any benefits to upgrading the engine to RPG Maker MV for the game?

Neither demo can be downloaded/installed via the itchio desktop application.

Currently playing this game and I have  reached Aesculapius Centre 6 but nothing appears to happen, once I enter I am guessing it is supposed to trigger a boss battle ones I reach the mainframe panel. 

hey thanks for the heads up. I fixed the problem and should have a new version of the game uploaded by tonight hopefully. Sorry for the interruption.

Thank you I'll keep an eye out for the upload :)

New version coming soon with a lot of additions to the game, including a new battle system. For more information on the additions and changes, check out the dev-log for the game. And also, those who've bought, or buy the game  before the full version releases, will get the full version for free on release.