The Cruxis Sword (V. 1.2 Update!)

Hi there,

Ever since I released the Cruxis Sword last July, I've been working on a more complete version of the  game to give it its own uniqueness by adding much more custom elements outside the RTP.  Since then, I've added a brand new battle system more akin to Final Fantasy, being that it's 2D instead of the first-person view of the default one.  All of the animations have been updated outside the RTP, and various menu's in the game (Battle menu, Status menu and Title menu) have been revamped using scripts from the RPG maker community (thank you). 

 Not only are there changes to the presentation, but the game has been given over twice as much story and locations than the previous version. Of course new game play elements, enemies, bosses and crafting  items have also been added in abundance to go with the new locales. All in all, the changes made to the Cruxis Sword gives it a more complete, unique feel that makes it stand out just a little bit more than the default-filled previous release.

A new demo and full release is planned for this weekend (friday, saturday, or sunday), so be sure to look out for it. The full release will be $6 but if you buy (or bought) the game before the full release, you'll get the full release for free the day its available. 

Thank you for your time.

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